Lambdapil Hair Density Kit


Lambdapil® Anti-Hair Loss Capsules promote proper nutrition of your hair. Helps prevent hair loss and stimulates new hair growth. It also stimulates hair follicles and normalises sebaceous secretions. Its action is supplemented by zinc, B vitamins and biotin, which nourish and strengthen the hair.

The Shampoo helps to curb hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Its exclusive combination of ingredients stimulates the hair follicle and normalises sebaceous secretion, thus helping reduce excessive hair loss and activate hair growth .The exclusive combination of its active ingredients, Serenoa repens and the multi-active Trichogen complex, will help to revitalise the roots to give your hair renewed strength, health and volume. Recommended for men and women experiencing excessive hair loss. Thanks to its conditioning agent, it can be used frequently.

The Lotion aids in the treatment of androgenetic and diffuse alopecia for men and women. Revitalises hair by stopping or controlling the shedding process and stimulating new hair growth. Generates a protective effect against oxidative stress. Reduces dandruff and scaling of the scalp.

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