So Silky Hand Creme

Combat dryness and keep your hands silky-smooth with So Silky Hand Crème designed by EltaMD. Its antioxidants and ceramides enriched formula and creamy texture diminish fine lines, discoloration, free radical damage and dehydrated skin.

Key Ingredients:
Sclareolide: derived from clary sage, targets pigmentation
Ceramides: helps with barrier repair and fine lines
Vitamin E: an antioxidant that protects against free radicals
Jojoba Esters: extends skin hydration

Key Benefits:
Enhances skin luminosity against pollution and visible light
Moisturizes and hydrates dry hands with quick dry formula
Reduces appearance of skin discoloration
Helps maintain moisture for up to 12 hours even after hand washing
Oil-free, non-sticky and quickly absorbs

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